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Looking for a Personnel and Material Hoist?

Eagle Hoist Systems, LLC is dedicated

to providing reliable, competitively priced buckhoist rentals and services across the United States. From buckhoist rentals to complete erection and dismantling services



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Eagle Hoist Systems LLC is committed to taking your personnel, materials, and equipment to the top safely and reliably. Our nationwide fleet of personnel and material hoist systems, construction elevators, and lifts is competitively priced, dependable, and offered in several configurations.

Heavy Duty Hoist Systems for Multistory Construction Projects

Eagle Hoist Systems LLC offers a large fleet of personnel and material hoist systems. Choose from the following hoist systems:
• Single car construction hoists
• Double car construction hoists
• Material-only hoists – 5000 lb. capacity
• Personnel and material hoists – 6000 lb. capacity
• Construction elevators
• Construction lifts
• Combo hoist configurations are also available

Not only can we deliver an advanced buck hoist to your multi-story construction site, we also offer hoist erection and dismantling service. Take advantage of our construction hoist rental and erection services and rest assured that your rental equipment is erected and dismantled properly.

Our Job is to Make Your Job Easier and Safer

Safety is Our Top Concern

Whether you need lift equipment for a residential, commercial, or municipal project, Eagle Hoist Systems has the equipment and expertise required to safely transport your personnel, materials, and auxiliary equipment vertically. We maintain a nationwide fleet and are able to quickly respond to urgent hoist requests. Contact us today for prompt, reliable, and safe construction hoist rentals.

We are Committed to Your Project's Success

Eagle Hoist Systems provides nationwide buck hoist rentals, services, and support on a moment's notice. Our commitment to safety, reliability, and service aligns with your project's ultimate objectives. We are passionate about our role in helping your project succeed. Contact Eagle Hoist Systems today for comprehensive construction hoist systems for your next multistory renovation, expansion, or new construction project.





About Eagle Hoist Systems

Hoist 2740   features the nation's newest fleet of the most advanced, dependable, and affordable personnel and material hoists available including:
Hoist 2840
    6000 lb. capacity personnel and material cars
    5000 lb capacity material-only cars
    Single and double car construction hoists
    Construction elevators and lifts
    Combination buck hoist configurations