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Frequently Asked Questions

Eagle Hoist Systems receives a number of commonly asked questions. We put this list of hoist FAQs together to help you get a better understanding of our hoist rental services. We welcome any questions you may have and look forward to helping you with all of your buck hoist and material hoist needs.

Glossary of Terms

Equipment Types

Material Hoist are hoist that lift materials only. No personnel are allowed to ride on the hoist platform. These hoist specifications and installations are governed by OSHA and ANSI standard 10.5

Personnel Hoist also commonly referred to as Man Lifts or Manlifts are hoist that lift personnel only. No materials are allowed to be transported on the hoisting platform. These hoist specifications and installations are governed by OSHA and ANSI standard 10.4

Personnel and Material Hoist also commonly referred to as Buck Hoist in the construction rental industry are hoist that lift both personnel and materials to the upper levels of a construction project. These hoist are similar to elevators or lifts but are designed for heavy duty lifting. The Personnel and Material Hoist specifications and installations are governed by OSHA and ANSI standard 10.4

Model Detalis

Model 2840 HS
Various door configurations available

Pay-load Capacity: 6,450 lbs
Speed: 340 fpm
Cage size: 5'6" x 13'1"
Door sizes: 2 @ 5'4" x 6'8" & 1 @ 10'2" x 6"8"
Specifications for Hoist 2840

Model 2740 RS
Pay-load Capacity: 6,000 lbs
Speed: 160 fpm
Cage size: 4'11" x 13'1"
Door sizes: 4'8" x 6"8"
Specifications for Hoist 2740

General Information Questions

What kinds of hoists do you offer for sale or rent?
Eagle Hoist Systems offers regular and high speed buck hoists for sale and rent. Our variable speed personnel and material hoists are capable of speeds of up to 340 fpm. We offer two models: Model 2840HS and Model 2740RS

Can I see more detailed information about hoist system's configuration?
Yes, provided to you is a specification data sheet. Hoist 2740 | Hoist 2840

Do you offer other personnel and material buck hoist products for sale or rent?
Eagle Hoist Systems has both high speed and regular speed hoist for rental or sale. These hoists are variable speed hoist that can travel up to 340 fpm.

What is the advantage of a variable speed construction hoist as opposed to a direct drive hoist?
A hoist equipped with a variable speed motor and drive operates much smoother than a direct drive lift, and it requires less maintenance. Eagle Hoist System's fleet consists of variable speed hoists capable of smoothly lifting 6,450 pounds up to a height of 550 feet at 340 feet per minute.

Is it possible to get screens installed with the gates?
Absolutely. We can accommodate a number of special requests. Contact our office today to tell us more about your requirements.

What types of speeds can I expect when using one of your hoists?
Eagle Hoist Systems provides variable speed hoist equipment capable of smooth operating speeds of up to 340 feet per minute (carrying 6,450 pounds up to 550 feet). In contrasts, direct drive man lifts and material hoists generally can reach speeds of half this rate.

Speed Questions

How fast will a Buckhoist go?
Eagle Hoist Systems equipment are variable speed hoist, capable of lifting 6,450 lbs up to 550 feet at a smooth speed up to 340 fpm. Compare this to a man lift or material hoists which typically are direct drive with top speeds of only half this rate.

Delivery Questions


How quickly can I get a hoist delivery?
Eagle Hoist Systems has an extensive, nationwide fleet of hoist equipment. We are committed to meeting your needs and any deadlines you may have and are able to move quickly. If you need a hoist system urgently, call our office at 502-493-9151 immediately to schedule your personnel or material hoist rental or Request A Quote.

Equipment Handling Questions

How long will it take to erect a personnel and material buck hoist?
Erection can take as few as two or three days if the concrete base pad and electrical systems are in place and crane time has been scheduled.

Do you offer erection and dismantling training so that our personnel can learn how to erect and dismantle our company-owned buck hoist?
Yes. In addition to providing training, we also offer maintenance and inspection services to ensure that your company-owned buck hoist is well cared for.

Engineering and Inspection Questions

What Engineering/Drawings are needed to erect a Personnel and Material Hoist?
Generally very few drawings are need for a Buck Hoist erection. Two potential drawings are the concrete pad and the attachments to the building. Eagle Hoist Systems personnel and engineers can provide these specifications and drawings. Specifications for the concrete pad for the hoist are available here.

What Licenses, Permits, Inspections are needed to erect and operate a Personnel and Material Hoist / Buckhoist on a construction site?
There is not a uniform license/permit for Personnel and Material Hoist. Each governmental entity; be it, state, county, parish, etc… has different regulations. Eagle Hoist Systems personnel can provide these based upon the job sites address. See the Request a Quote or send us an e-mail with the job sites address.

Safety Questions

Are there any specific engineering or drawing requirements for erecting a personnel and material hoist system?Buck hoist erections do not require many drawings. The main drawings you may be required to produce detail the concrete base pad and the attachments to the building. Eagle Hoist Systems personnel and engineers can provide you with these required specs and drawings. You can download the concrete base pad specifications for the buck hoist here.   Hoist 2740 | Hoist 2840

Do I need any special permits, licenses, or inspections to erect and operate a construction hoist, personnel and material hoist, or buck hoist on a construction site?
Unfortunately, a uniform license/permit process for hoist equipment does not exist. Each governmental agency has its own regulations which could be set at the state, county, parish, city, and other municipal levels. Based on your job site's address, Eagle Hoist Systems personnel can provide you with local licensing and permitting instructions. Use the Request a Quote form or send us an e-mail with the job site's address and we will be happy to look up this information for you.

Do elevator regulations and inspections apply to personnel and material hoists?
Separate regulations and inspections apply to personnel and material hoist systems. In many cases, the state elevator inspector is also responsible for issuing permits for the hoist equipment. Depending on your preferences, personnel from Eagle Hoist Systems can arrange for inspections or assist with the process.

How will I know when the hoist is deemed safe and ready for operations?
In addition to passing governmental inspections, Eagle Hoist Systems personnel will conduct a thorough final inspection of our own as well as test operations of the buck hoist before certifying its safety and turning the hoist over to you. We also test the electrical and braking systems as well as a drop test.

What is a Drop Test?
After erecting a personnel and material hoist, Eagle Hoist Systems personnel will conduct a standard test known as a "drop test" which is a critical part of the hoist's final inspection and certification. As the name implies, it involves dropping a load. First we load the hoist car with a specific payload, raise it to a specific height, and then release it. If the drop test is successful, the emergency braking system will have engaged and stopped the car.

Erection Site/Concrete Pad Questions

Is there a specific type of base pad required for the foundation?
A concrete base pad is required. Optionally, upon approval, an engineered design with another means of support may be used but it must meet specific requirements. Contact our office to learn more.

What are the minimum concrete base pad size requirements?
The size of the concrete base pad depends on the hoist equipment's size and number of cars. In general, the concrete base pad should have a thickness of at least 12 inches. The typical size for a single car hoist's base pad is 10' x 14' while a dual car hoist's pad typically measures 16' x 14'.

Electrical Questions

What power requirements are needed to safely operate the personnel and material construction hoist?
480V 3-PHASE, 125 AMPS, 60hertz dedicated power source. If you have questions about your power supply, call us at 866-264-6478 and a representative will evaluate your power source and transformer needs.

Our Job is to Make Your Job Easier and Safer

With a nationwide fleet of material and personnel hoist equipment and a commitment to safety and reliability, our team is dedicated to making your job easier and safer. Call American Construction Hoist today for comprehensive buck hoist rental services for your next multi-story construction or renovation project.