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Eagle Hoist System LLC's hoist rental fleet consists of the following models:

Capacity (payload) 6,450 pounds
Speed 340 feet per minute
Door sizes 1 @ 10'2" x 6'8" and 2 @ 5'4" x 6'8"
Cage size 5'6" x 13'1"
Available with various door configurations

Capacity (payload) 6,000 pounds
Speed 160 feet per minute
Door size 4'8" x 6'8"
Cage size 4'11" x 13'1"

Our buck hoist rental systems come equipped with a variety of features to ensure smooth operations, improved functionality, enhanced safety, and cost advantages.

Ground Enclosures – Prevent entry at the ground level and protect the hoist's occupants and ground personnel alike with a ground enclosure. With an enclosure, no one can enter at the ground level until the buck hoist is securely lowered into place. The ground enclosure features a heavy-duty steel cage. An overhead access door interlocks to the buck hoist using both mechanical and electronic components.

Safety Landing Doors – Using mechanical and electronic components integrated into the hoist itself, our safety landing doors are superior to site-built doors (or worse, open landing doors). These safety landing doors cannot be opened unless the buck hoist is securely in position and attached to the landing. Eagle Hoist Systems takes a safety first approach and is committed to preventing falls.

Overload Protection Devices – Don't rely on busy personnel to calculate safe load capacities, let the overload protection device perform this critical operation. Overload protection devices alert the operator whenever the load approaches its critical capacity. When the capacity is exceeded, the overload protection device automatically shuts down the lift. Not only can this protect personnel from dangerous overloads, it protects the equipment and can reduce expensive repairs and downtime. Ensure the safety and efficiency of your lift operations by insisting on a buck hoist rental outfitted with an overload protection device.

Rooftop Electric Winch – Save money by using the rooftop electric winch to jump the hoist instead of an expensive service crane.

Motor Drive – Eagle Hoist Systems rental hoist systems include a motor drive that eliminates the need for counterweights. Mounted on vibration damping brackets, motor drives can reduce the amount of time (and the associated costs) of jumping the hoist as well as make for a smoother, safer ride.

Electro-Magnetic Brakes – If the power goes out, electro-magnetic brakes ensure failsafe braking. We thoroughly test and serialize each electro-magnetic brake device before putting it into service for added peace of mind.

Eagle Hoist Systems is committed to delivering safe, dependable, and affordable construction buck hoist systems. From construction elevators to building hoists and man lifts, we deliver advanced construction lift equipment equipped with value-added features and must-have safety features. Transport your personnel and materials safely to the top and to the ground with Eagle Hoist Systems.

Contact us today to find out which buck hoist systems are right for your multistory jobsite.